A massage is a wonderful way to treat yourself or a loved one and to loosen overworked or tense muscles in the neck, legs, or back. Those who swear by massages can vouch that using a roller can make your experience better, more relaxing and beneficial. There are four ways that a massage roller can enhance your massage.

It can increase your range of motion.

Several studies indicate that using a deep tissue massage roller can increase the range of motion in your knees and legs. This can improve the health of the individual who is receiving the massage and allow them to be more flexible and active. The use of a roller is beneficial for those who are possibly losing motion due to age or injury, and it should be considered a great therapy option.

Foam rolling can reduce soreness.

Many users swear by foam rollers because they help reduce soreness in the back and neck in particular. Massages done with rollers can be particularly helpful for those who chronically suffer from back and neck soreness, and they can be more effective than a traditional massage without the use of rollers.


It can reduce stiffness.

This concept goes hand-in-hand with flexibility. However, many more people encounter a sort of stiffness of the limbs and neck at any point in their life, and a traditional massage may not help this. Massages performed with a foam roller can loosen the foam roller trigger point and lessen or eliminate stiffness in order to improve general health.

Foam rolling can expedite short-term recovery.

Recent studies also show that the use of foam rollers in conjunction with massage can increase an athlete's ability to perform again after already exercising. This is due to the effect foam rollers have on loosening muscle tissue and encouraging elasticity in the muscles. Studied athletes find that they can recovery quickly from lessened mobility and flexibility after performing when they have a massage performed with foam rollers.


Massage rollers can enhance a traditional massage greatly, and they have many applications for both athletes and the general public alike. Anyone who finds themselves with soreness or stiffness should consider using a foam roller along with a massage because of the great benefits such as these four.